Sabtu, 07 Mei 2011

Farewell Party, It's Happy And Sad

yapps I was already did farewell party. I wear white dress, white wedges, white veil, little cute black handbag, and simple make up :D it's already makes me cute that day. I was accompanied by my boyfriend, he is so cuuuuuttteeeeee to me. he wear white shoes, black long pants, and brown hem. uuuhhh... i can't handle his charm.. *ahaha*
and then my best best best friend, Sarah, she looks beautiful with purple dress and her black high heels. and also my best best best gank ever, unDesTroYed, wear dress too. *why? ah I forgot to tell you that my farewell party has a theme, "Goes To Holywood", so thats why we wear high heels and beauty dress to school. my classmate "the boys" wear "man in black", every boy use black coat or maybe black hem, anything black, like a bussinessman. ah, you want to see me and all of my friends, right? OK, these are what i can show to you. check these out!

these are my class mate, Sarah is in front of me *purple*, Annisa *grey*, Vuu *red*, and me *white*

with my boyfriend at farewell night

the boys are so funny

I love you guys

and.. i want to say, i will miss you all my friend, because we'll separated by distance T.T
don't forget our time in high school :'D

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