Sabtu, 26 November 2011

Hey Guys, I'm HOME!

After about 3 months I stayed in Surabaya, I came home, back to Balikpapan, my beloved city. City that have so many memories to remember. Actually, I wrote this to tell you about my life in Surabaya. It was so entertaining, exciting, and I got soooooooo many sisters at there, of course brother too. We came into a brotherhood, DeRubics, 2011 Internasional Mathematics Class. We were so fun in this class. Such a little member of class, but such a big mess we have done.

We are 2011 International Mathematics Students

We are cute
With glasses

Our Class ^_^ deRubics Always in my heart
We are pretty
We're waiting for another course, peace v^_^v

Let's enroll the Chemical Experiment
I got experiment about titration of acid and base, that is sooooooo easy guys!

After Chemical Experiment on C10 (Chemical Laboratorium) 2nd floor

The women of deRubics

On The Corridor of C3 (Biology Laboratorium) 2nd floor with Choppie and Gilang
Together we are in Chemical Laboratorium (C9 2nd floor) 

Dreaming with Yunita :P

Fiqo, Me, and Echa

Sit next to Echa, my indekost mate

I will never forget what we ever done together. Love you, guys!

♥ RJ Rizka Agmelia

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