Sabtu, 04 September 2010


This is the first time I make a blog, and for the greetings I want to say that I'll share everything you ask to me. However, it has many border to you asking some private question. For other information, you can ask me on or send me email ^_^ .

"I'm a young girl, that have so many problem, of course everyone has so many problem.
In this sesion I want to talk about something in my mind that I couldn't told it directly in the real world. I think I'm so really silly, sometimes. But it was just because I look something that make me mad. For example, I look my ex-boyfriend slapped by his girlfriend right in front of my eyes. Of course I have no right to mad, but I don't care. I'm being so mad in my mind and felt so really angry since I've never slap him just because a silly reason and called him "foolish". I've never do that! What do ya think? Am I false to being angry?"

This is what I want to tell to be an opening.
I have someone, that really understand me, whether he is an ignorant boy, but I understand what is in his brain. Maybe one of you that know me well wondering what is in my brain. Why I chose him to be my boyfriend, why it can be happened, and I will answer all your question. Don't wondering again!
He is a really silly boy, of course everyone in my school know that, ecxept me, before I know him. Then I know him, not really well, just by message. And then I looked for him in a class, look like he is so "shiny" in my eyes, hahaha... from that, he talked to me and asked me to be his girl. "I love you, too" with silly face i say like that. And now it was 11 month, almost reach 1 year, my first anniversary with him! Oh God, I love him so much!!!! Please make me be with him till the end, gimme pleasant journey with him and happy ending. Amin.

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