Selasa, 04 Januari 2011

Take Care Your Acoustic Guitar!

Happy New Year , everybody!
In early 2011 I want to give interesting tips that you need.
Based on the voting, readers ask me to give tips on how to treat his guitar.

Of course to make the guitar so shiny and clean.
The most important thing, so that the sound produced same as we want.

Sometimes, we do not consciously put the guitar at random.
After the play, just thrown onto the couch or bed (usually for which play the guitar in the room).
Guitar also need to be loved and cherished!

Get to the steps , check this out!

..First, clean the string regulary, at least once a week.
If necessary, you can use a special cleaning fluid string / string cleaner, just look at the musical instrument store.
This make your guitar string not so fast rusty and also maintain the character of his voice still fits ..
..Second, loose your guitar string if you want to "rest" it in a long time.
Suggested made loose strings for the guitar neck is warped due to string tension..
Put it properly, the best position is supine, with the position of free strings do not touch any surface.
..Third, clean the guitar, besides the strings; body, fretboard, and other part must also be clean, of course the main objective is to maintain the acoustic quality.
Also, if it clean,  it can make us feel happy to play his guitar. ^ _ ^

..Fourth, replace strings, if already rusty, do not wait for broken or ugly.
Because it surely influence into his voice.
..And last, replace one set, try to change the strings if not the only one, though the broken just one. Its function, so that the sound character of each string is same.

So, how we love the guitar, of course, treat your guitar!.
And do not forget to enter the guitar in the bag, so that the guitar is not exposed to dust.
we'll tired if we clean it today and tomorrow would be dirty again, won't we? hehehe...
Ok, that's the tips from me.
You can do these at home.

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