Minggu, 29 Januari 2012

#brb nulis puisi

hari ini sebelum ngerjain tugas statistik, PIH, dan PBB, gue nulis sebuah surat eh lagu eh puisi
oke gue ngga usah banyak cingcong kayaknya capcus aja gue persembahin kegalauan eh puisi gue yang sebenernya lagu gue sih

do you still remember on twitter
we mention each other
don't care with people around
we move on

do you still remember on school
when we met behind our friends
i can't say anything
except 'yes I see'

do.. you.. know..
your 'touch' can make me glow
your 'word' made me realize
that love is on my face

can't.. you.. realize..
when you asked me
i always shy to say
i love you anyway

please.. remember me a little think
this is what you have to know i know you love 'her' ...
and i'm not a waste alright.. it's alright..

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